Because VP candidate, Pence reveals personal finances

Gov. Paul Pence disclosed new details about his personal finances Thursday, real estate his salary as governor as his major source of income.

Pence released his government financial disclosure, a form needed of vice presidential applicants. His campaign says Pence will release his taxation statements soon. That decision represents a rest from his running partner, Donald Trump, who has rejected to release his returns due to an ongoing IRS audit.

Pence reported earning $173, 860 as governor since the starting of 2015, according to the Government Election Commission filing. This individual also has taken out between $95, 000 and $280, 000 in loans for their children's college education. All those loans carry an interest rate associated with 6. 16 to 6. ninety-six percent, with the latest expiring in 2025.

"Our family members has been honored to provide our state and country. Like many American households, we have been fortunate and fortunate to raise three wonderful kids and put them through university while doing work that we really like, " Pence said in the filing.

He also information first lady Karen Pence's towel charm and artwork businesses each earned under $1, 001. Among his or her assets, Pence reported getting two Indiana 529 cost savings plans, each with a optimum value of $15, 000.

Pence reported receiving no presents or travel reimbursements, based on the form.

Of his forth-coming tax returns, Pence said they might be a "quick read. "

"The Pences have not be a little more wealthy as a result of 16 many years in public service, " Pence told WABC Radio in may. "There's been a lot of surrender. We're a middle-class loved ones. "

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