Airport eyes increasing insurance costsMT.

 VERNON - Mt. Vernon Airport's health and fitness insurance coverage expenses have risen by more than 86 percent considering the fact that 2013, according to Airport Director Chris Collins.

The total annual insurance cost was at $20,928 in 2013. Projections are the new cost will be $39,036 should the the airport renews its prepare with Health Alliance for late 2016 early 2017. The prepare covers four personnel.

“That's an 86-and-a-half % increase in excess of 4 many years,” Collins mentioned. “And this can be 4 persons which might be fairly balanced, 3 of them under (the age of) 50.”

The $39,036 will be a twelve.5 % improve above the prior year's premium.

“It's finding from manage,” Collins said. “That's what's occurring to America. It is crippling and it puts governmental bodies in the negative place mainly because we've to come up with revenues for this.”

The Mt. Vernon Airport Authority is now taking into consideration no matter whether to renew with Wellness Alliance or switch to Blue Cross Blue Shield, which would indicate a savings of $1,212 annually. The MVAA Board of Commissioners mentioned the matter Tuesday but then tabled the challenge until finally next month's meeting.

Just before a choice is reached, Collins said he wants to get some rates from the State of Illinois Governmental Overall health Care Plan, which could possibly be a third choice to get a wellness insurance coverage program.

“We checked with them final 12 months and so they have been way greater than what our program was, but we never possess the numbers for this 12 months yet,” Collins stated.

The airport has been with Overall health Alliance for about 4 many years and was with Blue Cross just before that. The airport renews its wellness insurance plan each and every year.

The next MVAA Board meeting is Dec. 13, along with the deadline to alter insurance ideas is Dec. 15.

In addition Tuesday, Collins briefed the board on a number of ongoing upgrades staying finished with the airport by the Federal Aviation Administration.

The upgrades are relevant to navigation and aviation ground help gear. They consist of decommissioning an outer marker and putting in up to date distance measuring gear, installing an automated climate reporting system, and setting up a new process permitting airports to quickly get information and facts to pilots on their tablets.

Also on Tuesday, the board accepted a $33,526 yearly bid from Kent Donoho to farm 222 acres on the airport's residence for three years. Donoho will spend that quantity each 12 months to farm the land as part of the airport's money farm lease program.


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