EnergySage begins offering loan items directly

Yesterday on the net solar marketplace EnergySage announced a phase to broaden the offerings by its on-line solar marketplace by beginning to present loan options straight to buyers, independent of their installer. The organization reviews that it has not long ago signed agreements with BlueWave, Renew Fiscal and Wunder Capital, which it says will enable all estimates submitted with the Solar Marketplace to characteristic the option of loan financing.

Wunder Capital is providing its industrial loan nationwide, whilst BlueWave is currently giving residential solar loans in Massachusetts and RenewFinancial is giving its RenewPACE product in California.

EnergySage says that although the majority of the installers on its network presently offer loan goods, that this move was motivated through the concern that some consumers had been forgoing acquiring a PV technique because their installer of choice didn't offer suitable financing...


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