Oconee County water project gets massive loan

An Oconee County organization will receive monetary support on a water therapy projects, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack has announced.

Oconee County's Pioneer Rural Water District will obtain a $2.9 million loan to develop raw water intake facilities in the Lake Hartwell Water Therapy Plant. The new facility might be on a 25-acre website in Oconee County's Golden Corner Commerce Park.

"As water is a necessity for life, it’s certainly valuable for consumers inside their service territory to have a new and modern day facility for water remedy," Oconee County Administrator Scott Moulder mentioned. "The county also sees an upgrade in infrastructure to new technologies as a benefit to our capacity to recruit industrial and industrial improvement, as this enables us to highlight ample water capacity within the I-85 territory."
The county donated home on S.C. 59 to to Pioneer for the new therapy facility.

Pioneer Rural Water District, established in 1965 by the state legislature, serves around 7,000 clients in southern Oconee County and northwestern Anderson County. The present water method consists of two booster pump stations, two elevated storage tanks, one standpipe, and transmission and distribution systems.

The Oconee project is certainly one of three in South Carolina and 85 nationally that should get support in the USDA, Vilsack said Monday. The Laurens County Water and Sewer Commission, which now purchases water from 3 separate systems, will get a $1.184 million USDA grant and also a $34.eight million USDA loan low-interest loan to construct a brand new water intake and therapy web site. About 13,440 residential shoppers and 397 non-residential consumers will advantage.
The loans might be provided at an rate of interest of in between 1.4 and 2.4 percent, Vilsack mentioned. South Carolina's third beneficiary among the 85 new projects addressed Monday will probably be Georgetown, which has received a preparing grant.

Funding for the projects is contingent upon the recipient meeting the terms with the loan or loan/grant agreement.

Vilsack named the initiatives "a path to rural financial growth," and said the approval of the grant applications implies that those communities can straight away begin the course of action toward construction. "These are very cost-effective rates," Vilsack stated about the loans, that are earmarked for projects which will increase the infrastructure.

"Basically, this gives the communities the ability to begin the procedure of preparing for the facilities," Vilsack said. "It's up to the regional water companies to determine the pace. They new know they are capable to proceed since the money is coming."

The two Upstate projects are among the USDA's Rural Improvement Water & Environmental Programs, which provide assistance and financing to develop drinking water and waste disposal systems for communities with 10,000 or fewer residents. Nationwide, $331 million has been earmarked for such projects, which will affect 19.5 million rural residents.

"Water and wastewater upgrades protect the health and safety of these who live and work in rural areas, and are especially critical given today's aging infrastructure," Vilsack mentioned. "Modernizing water and wastewater systems improves the quality of life and can aid attract jobs to rural communities."

Vilsack stated infrastructure the most important issue facing rural America today.

"These projects provide and opportunity for partnerships, on the federal and state levels, that can make a difference," Vilsack mentioned.


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